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IIIF 2016



Innovation is the door to new markets, it is the future of business, the engine of the new economy, it is what makes ‘Make in India’ incredible in its possibilities. The new paradigm demands a new platform. India International Innovation Fair is the sub-continent’s first innovation entrepreneurship forum with focussed sub-events and knowledge seminars. Come September, the event will offer innovators of the world an unparalleled platform in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley and start-up capital of India. Organized by India Innovators Association together with V-Group and supported by the International Federations of Inventors Associations, the event boasts an eminent advisory committee comprising industry visionaries and leaders. The fair will witness an unprecedented convergence of ideators, global industry captains, risk capital providers, start-ups, marketing consultants, technology licensing service providers among others.

Concurrent events at the India International Innovation Fair



An event for brands, manufacturers, dealers to showcase innovations - ideas, products, services and others


i2 BOX

A forum for individuals, small firms or groups with an idea for a product, service, app, etc., who seek to promote it to VCs, manufacturers, customers, investors and innovators from other nations.



A launch pad for start-ups and a platform for those that have just started out, be it online or offline

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