The Association of Innovators for Development. India (AID) seeks to promote the inclusion of innovators in the social and economic advancement of India emphasizing Product/Process Innovation.

AID strives to promote awareness on the importance of Innovation in creating wealth and enhancing the quality of critical and application oriented thinking amongst student fraternity, thereby creating space and a pipeline of future Innovators.

Through partnerships, knowledge and experience sharing, AID works with the State & Federal Governments, Private sector, Universities/Institutions, Organizations and Individuals in developing the skill level and participation of Innovators and Students from all sectors in India.

Using innovation hubs as vehicles, AID will empower Individuals & Organisations – by creating and managing an ecosystem that will transform innovative ideas into viable business service products, aiding wealth creation and enhancing quality of living across the country.

AID will actively collaborate with Governments, in creating Innovation policies - and disseminate these policies into actionable plans across States, Organizations, Innovators and Student bodies.

AID - India

V Group is a Bangalore based M.I.C.E. management company specializing in overseas M.I.C.E. events. V Group is the result of more than 20 years of experience and passion in the travel trade and planning of Venkatesh, the Founder CEO.

Starting with Sri Lanka as a favored destination, V Group organized events like, Auto show India and Land of Geoffrey Bawa.

Having succeeded in organizing international exhibitions and workshops in India and abroad, we are sure we can carry off your challenge with the grace and finesse of a ballet dancer. In short, we are the one-stop agency for all your M.I.C.E. management needs.

V Group
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